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Project Details

Customary Prints is a digital download shop that creates print at home documents.

Required Skills To Complete

Technical Skills:

  1. WordPress Basics: Understanding the WordPress dashboard, settings, and basic functionalities.
  2. Theme Development: Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP to create or customize a WordPress theme that aligns with the site’s design requirements.
  3. Plugin Management: Ability to install, configure, and customize plugins to extend the website’s functionality (e.g., review systems, SEO plugins, affiliate link management).
  4. Database Management: Basic understanding of MySQL to manage the WordPress database, though much of this can be handled through the WordPress dashboard.
  5. Web Hosting: Familiarity with web hosting environments, domain management, and SSL certificates.
  6. SEO: Understanding of search engine optimization techniques to make the site more discoverable.
  7. API Integration: If the site needs to fetch data from other platforms or services, knowledge of API integration would be beneficial.
  8. Security: Understanding of basic security practices to protect the website from common vulnerabilities.
  9. Performance Optimization: Skills in optimizing website speed and performance, including caching, image optimization, and script minification.

Non-Technical Skills:

  1. Content Creation: Ability to write high-quality, informative, and unbiased reviews.
  2. Market Research: Understanding of the target audience and the types of products or services they are interested in.
  3. User Experience (UX) Design: Skills in creating an intuitive, user-friendly layout and design.
  4. Project Management: Ability to plan, execute, and manage the project from start to finish.
  5. Analytics: Understanding of tools like Google Analytics to track website performance and user behavior.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: Knowledge of how to set up and manage affiliate partnerships and links.
  7. Legal Compliance: Awareness of legal requirements, such as privacy policies and affiliate disclosures.
  8. Community Management: Skills in managing user-generated content and community interactions, if applicable.
  9. Graphic Design: Basic graphic design skills for creating images, banners, and other visual elements.
Project Brief

Customary Prints is a digital download shop that creates print at home documents.